Love Movement is not a church, club or group that is looking for your membership. As a movement of churches, organizations, teens and young adults, we are uniting across the globe to inspire the Next Generation to love God and to love others. We equip and empower Christian youth to live out their faith with a revived understanding of love from a Biblical perspective.  This revival leads to teens and young adults taking action by serving, sharing, and loving others in their communities and in their everyday lives. There are a variety of ways to join Love Movement:

In 2012, we encourage you to share a written note with us about an act of kindness you witnessed or an act of kindness that was done for you or by you. You can also create a video of a Christian cover song about love, videotape your testimony, share your artwork or other bible-based, love-related creation at: If you are not a facebook user,  you can email us your poetry, photography, short stories, artwork, or a link to your video. We will post your creation to our site or on one of our social media channels. If your entry is selected to be included in our collaborative documentary, you can qualify to win an iPod, HD video camera, or a digital camera. click here to email your submission or email: To be added to our mailing list and for information about upcoming events that you or your youth group can join, email: