When we go on a journey to explore what love is, it becomes more evident that in order to fulfill our faith, purpose and calling, the two greatest commandments (Matthew 22:36-40) should not only be read but be lived out in the believer’s life.

The goal of taking part in this movement and following this guide is to live out our faith, purpose, and calling through a revived Biblical understanding of love. Christ said, “Go into all the world,” not ask them to come to us. Love moves.

Love Movement Strategy

  1. Spiritual education – Session 1

Learning about love and its application in all areas of life from a biblical perspective through the Love Movement Take Action Video Series and curriculum.

  1. Participation – Session 2

We encourage groups to commit to being loving in their everyday lives and to commit to doing a “TAKE ACTION” initiative from our curriculum. In later sessions, the curriculum will lead to evangelism flowing through the local church and each individual believer.

  1. Sharing – Ongoing

We encourage groups who are using this resource to let us know how they are showing God’s love to the world.  Groups can have the opportunity to be featured on our TV show, Love is Moving. We’d be encouraged by your group if you could ask able members of your group to post photos and videos from your action initiatives to our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/joinlovemovement

Love Movement hopes to see every part of the body of Christ coming together as brothers and sisters in unity to be a mighty force for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in global evangelism.

Have confidence in the knowledge that apart from Christ we can do nothing but through Christ’s strength your group can continue to grow and your community be transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.


Challenge the Leader

For your group to further understand what love is while you are going over the learning in this curriculum take time to get to know and understand those who are a part of your group. We all have an innate need to be understood, to belong and be cared for. Just as every human being is different, every human being needs to be recognized for what makes him or her unique.

In getting to know the members of your group, find appropriate ways to spend time celebrating each ones uniqueness. Spend time listening to and understanding each person as God does. God knows every hair on your head (Matthew 10:30). God knows us deeper and more intricately on every level more then we know ourselves. We are made to be understood, accepted, to belong to one another, and to God. We all have a need to be cared for but because of our sinful nature we have to fight against ourselves to care for others.

Love is fulfilling. It is fulfilling a need. The need for acceptance, belonging, being understood, being acknowledged, noticed, identified with, and not neglected or ignored is within each of us. Every human being is extremely original and unique. To appreciate this, involves not only to acknowledging it but letting it move you into deeper relationships with others. Love is the recipe for healthy relationships. Giving of your time, being selfless, caring, others focused, sacrificial, giving without wanting anything in return is love in action. This action must be practiced to become a part of everyday living. Love is what we were meant for. With the fall of man and being born into sin and separated from God, love is now the opposite of our sinful nature. This is why we must die to ourselves to live out our faith. It is in living out love where the Kingdom of God is brought into life.

Love does exist and it is found in relationship and is what brings you deeper into relationship with others. This is tremendously healthy and joyous for human beings to enter into for it is what we were created for; to be in relationship with God and each other, thus we must make every effort to love God and love one another. For we are made in the image of God and we find our worth in He who made us and loves us. So let us seek to be obedient to Him when He asks us to love one another. This curriculum will further lead you and your group in building a deeper understanding of love.

As you reach into your community, we recommend always having other leaders with you to help guide your group. We also recommend being in a public places whenever you might spend time with an individual in your group to help uphold integrity and accountability.

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As you lead your group in building relationships with others, serving people in your community and in taking action with our curriculum partners we encourage to you take pictures or record video of your group in action. When filming, get permission ahead of time from those who might appear on camera. You can download a sample release form here. Share your photos and videos with us and let us know if your group wants to be featured on TV.  Ask your group to reflect about their experiences connected to learning about love and living out love and share written or video testimonies with us on our website, facebook or through email.

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