Love Movement exists to empower Christians to live out their faith through a revived Biblical understanding of love.
Common Platform
Love Movement is uniting churches on a common platform, the Love Movement Take Action Video Series.
Shared Vision
Love Movement joins Christians and organizations together with a shared vision to love God and love our neighbours as ourselves. The Great Commandment and Great Commission drive Love Movement to reach the world with God's love story.


1. Love Movement’s Take Action Video Series leads participants through learning about God’s love and then living it out in their lives. The video series is a preparation tool for groups planning service initiatives, mission trips, events, discipleship programs or evangelism training. Greater capacity for relationship building, everyday acts of kindness and an increased desire to share the Good News are expected outcomes from participating in Love Movement’s curriculum tool.
2. The video series is available in booklet form with a 34-day journal that can be purchased for each member of a group. To purchase workbooks email: info[at]
3. After groups participate in Love Movement, they are encouraged to email info[at] and share how they are taking action in their churches, homes, schools and communities to share God’s love. Groups can be featured on LM’s TV show, Love is Moving. For more information visit:

In Case You’re Wondering

Success – God’s love should propel us into loving the lost and caring for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Info – Good works should be a natural outflow of our salvation, not a prerequisite for salvation. We are saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ.

Notice – Love Movement does not explore romantic love.

More about TV Series

Love is Moving

TV Show info

Live Love

  • Pray
  • Read God’s Word
  • Connect with a Local Church
  • Accept God’s Love
  • Love God
  • Love Others
  • Love Yourself
  • Share the Good News

How can you help Love Movement?

Pray for the families of those involved with Love Movement. Pray for the young people who are on the Youth Advisory Team and those who are being impacted by the experiential learning.

Share our facebook and twitter page with your Christian friends and family. Ask them to pass this ministry opportunity on to others who may also benefit from Love Movement’s Take Action Video Series and TV show.

How do we know love?

“We know love by this, that He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.” 1 John 3:16